Valentine’s Day…

Dear Valentine’s Day,

What a love/hate relationship I have had with you. When I was young, you were about making mailboxes out of old shoe boxes, red and pink construction paper, glue, and glitter. You were about getting balloons, candy, and flowers from my parents and friends at school. You were about showing everyone around me that I was “loved and wanted”. The balloons, flowers, and paper cards I’d receive were like signs on my forehead for the world to see that I was valuable. I loved the class parties where we got to take a break from studies, and we could have fun and eat snacks with our friends. Valentine’s Day, you were so much fun back then.

Then I got to high school, and you became a burden. When I saw all the girls who had boyfriends receive their roses in class; I would feel alone. When I would receive my flowers from my dad, I felt grateful yet also wished they were from a boy. My lack of candies, dates, roses, and kisses from a young man felt like there was a sign on my forehead labeling me as “Unwanted.” Oh Valentine’s Day, how I then hated you and dreaded you showing up year after year.

Next came young adulthood and you changed for me again. My relationship with you got only harder. You spoke to me of all the things I desired that I didn’t have yet. You spoke to me of how I was not chosen by a man. You spoke to me about dreams unfulfilled. You came with deep grief and loneliness and honestly you would whisper self-pity in my ears. You tempted me to sink into hiding on that day. Shame would come knocking at my door telling me how I had failed at life in my late twenties and early thirties because I had not yet arrived at marriage. Oh, Valentine’s Day, you loved to lie to me.

Then one year came when I had an epiphany about you. You were a day about love, and true love does not come in one form. I realized there is Agape (God’s love for humankind), Philia (Friendship love), Storge (familial love), and then Eros (Romantic/Sensual love). I realized, Valentine’s Day, that I had misunderstood you. I actually WAS loved all along! I was loved by God, my friends, and my family; and that was A LOT of love coming my way! I COULD celebrate that I was loved and wanted after all! After that, I looked forward to you. I wanted to look at the love God had given me in three amazing forms.

Valentines Day, thank you for giving me a day to appreciate how I am loved. Thank you for giving us a day to celebrate the goodness of God and how He provides for our need to be loved. Thank you most of all for a good reason to eat chocolate.


What does Valentine’s Day say to you?

What do you want Valentine’s Day to mean to you this year?

What kinds of love can you celebrate this year?

You can make it what you want it to be this year.
It doesn’t have to define you. This year, You Define It!

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