In this episode, Evonne and Angie talk “Love is Blind” and what they liked about the Netflix show and what they didn't.  They also dive into the topics of dating, how to meet someone, and discuss thoughts that are easy to believe as a single. They discuss how negative mindsets affect how one feels and even affects how a single will carry his or herself in dating.  Mindsets majorly affect a person's dating game!

They also talk about how to have faith when the brain is looking for physical evidence to prove “you will never meet someone.”  Most brains think it’s easier to believe the negative than to have faith and belief that God has their best in mind and that He WILL accomplish His perfect plan for our lives.

Angie and Evonne cover how mindsets tie into our faith journey and how the faith journey now WILL impact your future as well. 

Listen today if you want to improve your dating experiences and get the most out of it as well as see dating as an opportunity to grow in your personal faith journey.

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