In this episode, Evonne sits down with Alisha Mitchell, host of the podcast, The Feelings Couch, to talk about her journey with Infertility.  This episode is very special because the struggle of infertility can feel similar to the wait for meeting a spouse.  For singles, this episode can offer great wisdom into how to deal with the wait for a deep longing of the heart. Alisha is very candid about her desire to be a mother someday and her wrestling with God in the waiting.  The hope is that as listeners hear Alisha's story that they will feel a sense of comaraderie with others who have desires that have yet to be fulfilled. 

Listen to this episode and feel encouraged whether you relate to Alisha's journey of infertility or whether it's a different path of waiting.  More than anything, Evonne and Angie hope that listeners will see that no matter what season of waiting one may be in, they are not alone.  We can walk with and learn from one another's life adventures even when they look different. 

Learn more about what Alisha is doing on Instagram @alishabravely and check her podcast The Feelings Couch at

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