Episode 14 – The One About the Enneagram, 2s, and Lessons from Dating

In this episode Evonne’s husband Scott DeSanders joins us to introduce the personality profile, the Enneagram.  Scott has been a student of the Enneagram for over 7 years and has recently had the opportunity to be apart of Suzanne Stabile’s  (Teacher and Author of The Road Back to You, The Path Between Us, and The Journey Toward Wholeness) Enneagram Cohort for the last year.  Scott comes to the show to share what he has learned about the enneagram with us as well as cover each personality in this Bonus Series.

Evonne and Angie are excited to present this series about the enneagram to help listeners learn more about their own personality tendencies.  This can be so helpful in seeing and understanding blindspots one may have in any relationship.  They also hope to help listeners see how each personality may function specifically in romantic relationships.  Everyone here acknowledges that dating can be one of the hardest circumstances singles may navigate, so they are excited to offer this helpful resource for listeners.

In this episode Scott gives a quick explanation of how it is an in depth personality profile and then goes into the 2 personality.  Angie, Evonne (who are BOTH Enneagram 2s) and Scott discuss how the enneagram has been helpful for their personal relationships but they also cover how they see more clearly how they functioned in their past dating lives because of their personalities. 

Keep your eyes and ears open for these bonus episodes in the future months as Scott covers each personality.  You won’t want to miss learning more about yourself and the people you love. 

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  1. This was great! As a 5, I appreciated all of the in-depth information and insight;) Keep up the good work guys!!

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