Episode 12 – The One With Clergy Gone Wild

In this episode, Angie and Evonne talk with Leslie Bolt who shares her story of singleness, marriage, divorce, singleness and dating again, and then getting married to her “Forever” husband, Burt.  Leslie shares very transparently about her journey through hardships in her first marriage and then through the pain of divorce.  She has a very unique story due to also being a woman pastor who never thought she would go through divorce.  She speaks candidly about the hurts she endured in recovering from betrayal, wrestling with her own walk with God, and the shock of entering back into the dating scene after more than 10 years of marriage. 

This episode is for anyone who has ever wrestled with God about the dark places life can take us at times. Leslie’s story is one of struggle, hope, and more than anything the story of God’s faithfulness in the midst of the faithlessness of people.  

Sometimes life’s adventures can lead us into dark, rocky, slippery parts of the journey but as Leslie reminds us, God will always stay with us with an open hand to hold us up when the journey becomes overwhelming.

If you want to connect with Leslie, you can message her on Facebook under Leslie Carpenter Bolt. 

Producer: Wesley Powers of Spark Joy Film and Photo https://sparkjoyfilmandphoto.com