When you have a crush you are thinking thoughts about someone. Those thoughts are making you feel amazing. You might be thinking, he’s amazing. He’s cute. He’s everything that I want. He would be such a great boyfriend. I could totally marry him. You think thoughts like I want to be with him. You might […]

In this episode Evonne’s husband Scott DeSanders joins us to introduce the personality profile, the Enneagram.  Scott has been a student of the Enneagram for over 7 years and has recently had the opportunity to be apart of Suzanne Stabile’s  (Teacher and Author of The Road Back to You, The Path Between Us, and The […]

Dear Valentine’s Day, What a love/hate relationship I have had with you. When I was young, you were about making mailboxes out of old shoe boxes, red and pink construction paper, glue, and glitter. You were about getting balloons, candy, and flowers from my parents and friends at school. You were about showing everyone around […]

In this episode, small business owner Stevie Estler from Built by Stevie joins us! Stevie is a woman on a mission who has harnessed her season of singleness for the growth of her passions, her business, and her care for those she loves – and yes, she’s single, and so by “those she loves,” we […]

This episode features single lady Veronica Coleman who lives in Nashville, TN. Veronica takes us on a journey from her college days to world travel, life in the music industry, the deep end of dating, and singleness in the Church. Join us for her unique perspective.