In this episode, Scott, Evonne and Angie continue their conversation with Kristyn McIntyre who is a 3 personality on the Enneagram. Kristyn gives some thoughts on being a 3 who is single. We also talk about what 3's are like in relationships, what they can offer a partner and what blindspots 3's may have when they begin a dating relationship.  We then discuss how 3’s can balance the desire for what they expect and want with what they actually need in a partner. Scott also gives us tips on how to encourage and support your partner who is a 3.  

We hope that these episodes on the enneagram can help you as you learn about your own personality to be able to enter into relationships in a healthier way than ever before.  We also hope that this knowledge can help you see others through a new lens of understanding that every personality is different and how that plays a huge factor in how we relate to one another. 

This information can help you as you are dating, are in a serious romantic relationship, and also other types of relationships in your life.  We encourage you to take a listen to these enneagram episodes to help yourself grow more into the person God created you. 

We hope you enjoy this episode.

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