Join us in listening to this episode as we continue our Bonus series on the Enneagram.  We will go through each number personality and discuss what each number is like and what characteristics make up each number.  If you are interested in personalities and learning more about yourself and/or the people in your life, check out these bonus episodes.  We also cover the topic of dating and how each number functions in relationships with the people in their lives.

Are you an Enneagram 3 or do you have a person in your life who is a 3? If so, then you want to listen to this episode.  In this episode, Angie, Evonne, and Scott meet with Kristyn McIntyre who is a single adult who is also a 3 on the Enneagram.  We have a great conversation with her where we discuss what 3's are like in a relationship and what they have to offer a partner. 

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