In this episode, Evonne and Angie talk “Love is Blind” and what they liked about the Netflix show and what they didn't.  They also dive into the topics of dating, how to meet someone, and discuss thoughts that are easy to believe as a single. They discuss how negative mindsets affect how one feels and […]

It’s wedding season again and in this episode, Evonne and Angie discuss the topic of how to navigate your sibling getting married and the new changes that occur within a family unit with a new in-law.  Evonne starts by talking about her personal experience when her younger sister got married before she did and the […]

In this episode, Scott, Evonne and Angie continue their conversation with Kristyn McIntyre who is a 3 personality on the Enneagram. Kristyn gives some thoughts on being a 3 who is single. We also talk about what 3's are like in relationships, what they can offer a partner and what blindspots 3's may have when […]

Join us in listening to this episode as we continue our Bonus series on the Enneagram.  We will go through each number personality and discuss what each number is like and what characteristics make up each number.  If you are interested in personalities and learning more about yourself and/or the people in your life, check […]

In this 2nd part of our Bonus Episode about the Enneagram, Evonne and Angie continue their conversation with Scott DeSanders about Enneagram 2's.  In this second half, they discuss the blindspots of 2's when it comes to dating relationships and what to look out for in dating. Join us for this last half of the […]

When you have a crush you are thinking thoughts about someone. Those thoughts are making you feel amazing. You might be thinking, he’s amazing. He’s cute. He’s everything that I want. He would be such a great boyfriend. I could totally marry him. You think thoughts like I want to be with him. You might […]